There is a significant opportunity to export good used machinery from the U.S., but in many cases the means to buy is more important for the foreign customer than the product or price itself.

In discussions with lenders who finance exports using guarantees from the Export-Import bank, the minimum loan amount to make economic sense is $350,000. For a transaction of that amount, or more, for used equipment, the terms would normally be 15% down and 36 months to pay. Interest rates float at 1.5 -2% over Libor,. Currently that would put the interest rate at about 3% (+ or 1).

Steelheart International LLC, with associates, may offer both short and medium term financing, and can locate heavy equipment for cash purchasers. But in key markets, which currently will include Mexico and Uganda, we intend also to establish a rental company for heavy equipment, and offer rent-to-own financing for qualified contractors. In this manner, the rental company can import larger quantities of machines, perhaps valued at $1 million or more, in order to make the transaction feasible and attractive to the lenders, while being able to assist smaller contractors with terms that enable them to acquire the equipment they need to run and expand their own business.


Steelheart Panelized Homes are framed with E-Systems panels, which consist of steel framing embedded in expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), or structural insulated foam panels (SIPs), which are delivered for erection on job site, quickly and easily. That cuts transportation costs and creates local jobs and economic opportunities. The E-System panels are so light, no equipment is necessary for erection. Problems with termites, mildew or mold are completely eliminated, The energy efficiency is so superior that utility bills can be reduced by as much as 80%. Steel is five times stronger than stick construction. The products are engineered to handle winds as high as 200 mph and withstand earthquakes where stick and concrete block construction fail.

The Park Model Design shown here is 400 sq' (35m2) with a sleeping loft. If mounted on a trailer the width 12' (4m) and height 12' (4m) are limited by road conditions. By shipping panels to location on a trailer no wider than 8' the unit can be quickly erected and completed with local labor and materials. If placed on a foundation, the unit can be widened to 16 18' (5 to 7 m) and a full second story added for more bedrooms and baths. A standard set of panels are used in all cases, which makes it very easy to expand up or sideways, depending on the project requirements.


The thermal efficiency of the EPS panels is such that less energy is required for heating and air conditioning. By adding a solar system, the house can operate off the grid altogether, or sell power back to the utility company. This 60m2 house was designed for Mexico. The April 2010 Mexicali earthquake that damaged or destroyed 45,000 houses in Mexicali did no damage to houses built with E System panels. Because of the ability to withstand earthquakes and 200 mph winds, the thermal efficiency, fire resistance and no termite problems, it is simply a better way to build a house. Five men can complete this house in 7 days.


... the Mexicali earthquake with no damage. and the utility bill to keep the house at 72 degrees was $12 a month compared to $190 a concrete block house. The material costs may be a slightly higher, but savings in labor, quick completion time and low cost export financing more than offset the difference.


Steelheart International will focus on the need for shelters and affordable housing in underserved markets, as well as vacation, student and disaster housing and mobile homes which can be erected and completed on site. To provide jobs and economic opportunities we will offer job training to prisoners re-entering society and veterans in need for housing and employment. Upon completion of training, we will license these Steelheart contractors and assist them in obtaining a SBA micro-loan so they can build a Park model or cabin, sell it, then build another. In essence, we will create numerous small contractors that can respond to emergency FEMA housing in disaster areas, Tribal housing, or leisure housing in resort locations in addition to building a house for themselves.


The need for better houses at less cost, while creating jobs and economic opportunities, is the same in most countries. Steelheart International will partner with builders in other countries who will embrace the panelization concept, and have the political and financial capability to secure large contracts for affordable housing. Since the means to buy is of critical importance, we will capitalize on all aspects of export financing utilizing the Export-Import Bank of the United States, OPIC, USAID and any other facilities available. This is an excellent time to export U.S. products, given the low interest rates and favorable exchange rates with most countries. The two initial target markets are Mexico and Uganda, but since panels can be shipped easily in containers, we intend to expand to other countries.