Park Models by law can only have 399 sq’ of living area, however the loft (50’ high) offers sleeping room for 4 to 8 people.  These units are mounted on a trailer and classified in the U.S. as recreational vehicles.Steelheart manufactures the units by first making steel frame panels for the walls, floor and roof.
By inserting the studs into EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) the result is superior strength and thermal efficiency.  Steel is 5 times lighter and 5 times stronger than conventional stick construction. Most Park Models are made in a manufacturing plant and towed to location with a large truck. Steelheart panels can be placed on a trailer no more than 8’ wide, towed behind a pickup truck, erected within hours and finished on site.  It is an ideal franchise opportunity.  The erection is quick and easy, and requires no equipment.  Finishing can be done by the owner if he/she has the skills, or sub-contracted to local contractors.

Three units can be placed in a 40’ container to serve export markets.  They can be mounted on a slab or raised foundation. Since there are no limitations on size, they can be made wider, longer and have two full stories for 2 or 3 bedroom units.  Steelheart panels won’t burn, are impervious to termites, mildew or mold, and can withstand hurricane force winds and earthquakes.  

No one should be homeless, particularly veterans who have given so much to protect our country, or children who are homeless because of drug or child abuse at home.  Steelheart International, a Veteran owned company, offers an easy, affordable solution for those in need of a house or shelter for personal use, while also offering job training and an opportunity for veterans and prisoners re-entering a chance to learn the skills to provide state-of-the-art energy efficient  “green” housing and shelters for others. Highlights of the program include:

Steelheart International will continue to develop “for-profit” job opportunities for veterans in other areas.  That could include manufacturing, sales/marketing, administration, finance or opportunity to train others, both domestically and abroad.  The company is seeking grants or development loans to launch a training site and model community

From small shelters to Park Models and full houses, the E-System provides an easy, high quality, energy efficient structure.  

This basic format shown above will be standard.  For water harvesting, a water storage tank could be added on either side of the pop out in the back, with an overflow going into an in-ground storage bladder for irrigation or livestock, with a filter placed between the tank and the inside for domestic use.  A shower would be preferable in lieu of a tub, with hot water on demand.  Space heaters and/or cooling units could be used in lieu of central heating.

If for export, or if configured as a mobile home, the 399 sq’ rule no longer applies.  The loft can be full height and the width increased as desired to set on a slab. Dimensions shown above are roughly 11.7’ x 34’ and the loft area roughly 12 x 23 with 50 inch head room.  But, if shipped in panels, the width and length can be greater, and the second story full height..  Then you have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath unit ranging from 800 (74 sq’ meters) to 1200 (111 sq’ meters) square feet.  Panelization makes it easy to ship and erecting the house locally creates jobs and economic opportunities.