Provide safe, affordable houses, water and sanitation for domestic and export markets, combined with larger domes for other uses including grow/fish (i.e. hydroponics and aquaponics) domes for food security and elevated levels or prosperity. Ecoshells, like the one shown, are THE answer to affordability to low-income people in developing countries.


Domes For The World, Inc. (hereinafter DFTW) is a 501(c)3 formed by Monolithic, Inc. of Italy, Texas, whose founding Chairman is David South. The Executive Director is Andrew South (nephew) of South Industries in Idaho.   Monolithic, DFTW and South Industries are the premier manufacturers of dome homes in the world.  Steelheart International LLC (hereinafter Steelheart) is a small veteran owned company, owned by Roger Morgan who has an education and corporate background in international business.  Steelheart will function as the marketing arm for DFTW who will be responsible for construction, domestically and abroad.  

Capital Requirement   

The company is seeking initial funds of roughly $3 to $5 million to build a model International Trade, Training and Demonstration Center (i.e. Eco-Village) tentatively on the North Star Ranch in Grass Valley, California.  This village can serve as a replicable model for foreign visitors.  The village should contain Eco Shells for housing but larger domes as well for hydroponics, aquaponics any other uses.  The intent also is to forge a collaborative agreement with UC Davis, rated as the best ag school in the nation.  UC Davis already has grants from Feed The Future, a Program of USAID, and collaborative agreements with many institutions around the world, including Makerere University in Kampala.  We are forging an agreement as well with Kentim University, a new university in Kampala with an eye toward exchange programs for students and faculty in order enhance the possibility for food security throughout East Africa.  The Universities provide a continuing source of personnel and to provide educational opportunities for people in the countries served.  

The company will seek up to one billion, or more, for an OPIC equity fund to provide reasonably priced secondary financing for safe housing and food security for underdeveloped nations.  High interest rates, and the lack of financing, is THE barrier to home ownership for low income people. OPIC provides some matching funds and repayment guarantees.  (See OPIC.gov).  The goal is to match house payments with average incomes. Taking an nine countries in east Africa, the average was only little more than $1,000 per annum.  


EcoShells and Grow Domes, produced by DFTW, are currently THE answer to the world’s need for affordable housing.  The model Io20 is 314 sq’ (20’ or 6.1 meters) meets UN standards for a family of eight. They can be constructed for as little as $3 to $5,000 in underdeveloped countries using local materials and labor, not including the cost of the infrastructure.  A community of 80 Ecoshells, like those shown here, was developed in Indonesia for a total cost of about $10,400 per unit including infrastructure.


The future of farming lies with hydroponics and aquaponics.  Larger domes can house multiple levels of crop production.  Whereas an average outdoor field yields about 2.5 pounds of produce per square foot, a grow dome with the perfect temperature for plant growth and time cycled grow lighting can produce 200+ pounds of produce per square foot of growing space, and use only 10% of the water.  Grow domes can be placed anywhere, in any climate, and used for fruits and vegetables, fish, poultry and plants.  

Combining safe, affordable housing with grow/fish/poultry domes is THE answer to the world’s need for food security and elevating people out of poverty.  

The Company

DAVID SOUTH, Founder and COB of Monolithic, Inc. (www.monolithic, Inc.) and Domes For the World (www.dftw.org), a 501(c)3. David created his company Monolithic 40 years ago and his products called dome homes are in over 50 countries around the world.  One can observe several projects on www.dftw.org.  Their main facility is in Italy, Texas. They also have a rental village of Dome Homes at that location with a 3 ½ month backlog, which serves as a good
example of the profit potential for dome rental units in the U.S.